Automobile care Experts

Hello, my name is Russell Fisher and I am the owner of Tangi Car Care Center. I have been blessed enough to have a highly successful career spanning more than 20 years. During that time, I have operated everything from free standing repair facilities like this one all the way up to massive dealership service departments. I learned very early on there is a simple recipe for success and it allows for our customers to literally have their best automotive repair experience over and over again. It’s all about the people and that encompasses both the customers and the employees.

We have two main driving principles:

  1. Make the customers’ experience as painless and professional as possible
  2. Give my employees every possible tool and piece of technology to make their job easier

Everything begins with communication and that goes at the forefront of everything we do. When you come into our shop, we actually listen to what is going on with your car and ask probing questions without making preconceived assumptions about what is broken or worse shove some “dealer recommended maintenance” menu in your face trying to upsell you. Then, we actually relay this information clearly to our technicians so they can fix your car right the first time in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, in this business there will be times when a repair just doesn’t go right for whatever reason and when that happens, I look at all the facts, making a decision that is fair to everyone.

I have always firmly believed this business is all about selling yourself and your level of service to the customer. Customers can get car repairs from so many sources but, if they like you and feel you have their best interest in mind, they will refuse to go anywhere else. We are not the cheapest shop because that would not allow us to afford the elite employees we have or to purchase state of the art equipment required to repair difficult problems. Speaking of the “cheap” guys, we are constantly redoing work they messed up. Having these employees and equipment allows us to compete with dealerships on quality of repairs delivered but, we are a better choice than those guys too because of our level of service with a faster turnaround time at a more reasonable price. We get dealership customers in every week who tell us “The dealership said it would be a week before they could look at my car and gave me the attitude, I was lucky to have them work on it.” We make a conscious effort to at least figure out what is going on with your vehicle on the day it comes in. Nothing is worse than having your vehicle at a shop for five or six days and when they finally get to it, it takes a half an hour to repair it.

Our crew of technicians have a collective 60 years of mechanical experience and their own area of specialty. Whether it is an extremely difficult electrical problem, or diagnostic issue, or installing a lift and custom accessories on your vehicle, we have a technician competent in that area. Our technicians do everything except rebuild transmissions and even put engines in vehicles. Our technicians are all professionals who take pride in their work and strive to return your vehicle back to you clean and repaired properly.

If you want to experience the best automotive repair experience of your life over and over again, give us a call at 985-393-5798 or schedule an appointment through this website. We really appreciate your business and understand the value of your time.